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Spine First NeuroSpinology is the leading spinal care centre in Gabba Central and Nundah. We are known for our specialised approach to spine care which is geared towards each individual's needs. We understand the uniqueness of clients’ spines, and that each spine needs specific аnd individual attention.

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NeuroSpinology can Help These Common Conditions

Do any of these sound familiar? Click on your condition from the list to see causes and why management is important. If you’re struggling with chronic back pain, a slipped disk, neck pain, headaches, or a sports injury, Spine First NeuroSpinology can help. Contact us today.

Transforming your spine naturally:  Better spine - Better performance - Better life

Sports Injuries

If you have an old sports injury that just won’t go away, this might be because of poor joint stability/integrity, tissue mobility, or damage. It’s unlikely to go away on its own. In fact, as your body overcompensates with other tissues, it will deteriorate further over time. A detailed and targeted assessment with our spine experts is the beginning of your recovery.

Helping The Nervous System

The central nervous system controls every function of the human body by sending the messages from the brain to the other tissues of the body and back through the spinal cord and the spinal nerves.


Spine First NeuroSpinology uses methods that trigger a nervous system response for optimised recovery.

Helping The Brain

The brain is an essential part of management at Spine First NeuroSpinology. Knowing that the central nervous system controls every part of your body, you can make the conscious decision to help your brain and your body correctly and simultaneously.


We help you enable your central nervous system to function at its best so that you can fulfil your potential and always be at your best.

NeuroSpinology Is More Effective

Many clients who have experienced other services feel that those methods are not customised to their condition or have not addressed the real problem. Usually, those techniques primarily focus on “cracking the joints” or a deep tissue massage which is often insufficient.

We Get To The Root Problem

At Spine First NeuroSpinology centre, we discover the root cause of your joint instability and not just the symptoms. As a result, our client experience is much more customised and comprehensive than that seen in much of the industry.

Live Life Pain-Free

Our friendly NeuroSpinologists utilise proven, advanced techniques to help people effectively optimise their performance and have a better life.

Advanced Spine Techniques

At Spine First NeuroSpinology, we rely on a specific and specialised technique called Palpation. We pinpoint where your body needs help and get to work immediately. Our services focuses on alleviating your pain beneath the surface, targeting your brain and nervous system to get your body on your team! 

  • No X-Rays

  • No Lock-In Contracts

  • Custom Management Plans

  • Proven Methods