Back Injury & Therapy Care in Gabba Central & Nundah

The team at Spine First NeuroSpinology in Gabba Central and Nundah has a track record of successfully helping out clients’ spinal injuries where other therapies fall short. Alexander Oxford leads a team of spine care specialists to help you reclaim comfort. Better Spine; Better Performance; Better Life.

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Leading NeuroSpinologist in Gabba Central

Alexander Oxford's impressive qualifications and the long list of clients living pain-free is a testament to the success of our advanced spine techniques.

A Message From Our Founder

I’m Alexander Oxford, the owner and founder of Spine First NeuroSpinology. Back pain was a gift that was given to me at the age of 12. My back was so bad that, at one stage, walking was almost impossible. This was a turning point. A challenge that would flower into something great. At the time, I had no idea how much influence it was going to have on my life. 

Only just entering my teens, I started researching about muscles and their function. The more I researched, the more I found that the techniques that I was exposed to as a 12-year old, and the philosophical underpinnings on which they worked, were incredibly rare. So rare that they were not being taught anywhere!

Following my research, I founded a Muscle Fibre Mobilisation system, a combination of mobilisation techniques together with specific deep tissue stimulus.

Years later I discovered NeuroSpinology, a specialised practice of the muscle fibres in its own right. Combining mobilisation techniques and specific deep tissue stimulus with this advanced study led me to be the specialist I am today.

How NeuroSpinology Can Help You

NeuroSpinology was designed to target the root causes of spinal instability and to assist the body in its rhythm of repairing damage from forces we put onto ourselves. This ensures that you achieve lasting results, instead of just a temporary quick fix that some other services offer.

  • Lasting Results

  • Saves You Time & Money

  • Alleviates the Root Cause

  • Specialised Practice

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Live Your Life Pain-Free

Our goal is to help the world live pain-free, one person at a time. The team at Spine First NeuroSpinology looks forward to helping thousands more like yourself reach your health goals without resorting to the use of drugs or surgery, so you can live your life to the fullest!

Personalised Approach

At Spine First NeuroSpinology, we understand that every person is different. While our management philosophy remains the same, we take our time to find and remedy the root cause of what the body is attemting to do to stabilse the joints.

Lasting Results

Many other spinal centres rely on massage to help back and neck pain, but this is insufficient. Massage only helps pain on a surface level. With our specialised spine care, you help build neural circuits to help stabilse your spine.

Brain and Body

Spine First NeuroSpinology has studied the link between your brain, nervous system, and spine. We approach pain at a musculoskeletal level and a conceptual level. By engaging your nervous system, we help your body to understand your pain and working with you more effectively.

Develop Your Optimal Spine Management Plan

Mr. Alexander Oxford and the spine specialists at Spine First NeuroSpinology will find a reliable consistent plan to stabilise and strengthen your spine so you can perform at your best. Unlock your fullest potential when chronic back and neck pain isn’t constantly dragging you down.