Alleviate Chronic Back and Neck Pain with the Brisbane Spinal Specialists

Spine First NeuroSpinology is a specialised spinal care centre in Gabba Central and Nundah. We practice advanced techniques to target the root causes of spinal instability and engage your nervous system to promote optimised recovery and lasting results. Our spine care specialists go deeper to alleviate your pain and strengthen your spine. You don’t have to live with chronic neck pain or chronic back pain. We can help.

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Spine First NeuroSpinology can help with chronic back pain caused by poor posture, lifestyle habits, slipped discs, and prior injuries. We rely on the link between your body and your nervous system to help repair your spine and achieve better performance. Our specialised techniques focuses on your spine, vertebrae, and nervous system. Take a look.

Individually Tailored & Effective Techniques

At Spine First NeuroSpinology, we know that every spine is unique. That’s why our apraoches to spinal care are so effective. Unlike other services that merely relieve pain temporarily on a surface level, we go deeper to find the unique root cause of what your body does to stablise your spine. You’ll get a completely bespoke care plan that is tailored to your body and specific points to optimise recovery.

  • Back Pain & Neck Pain

  • Slipped Disc

  • Sciatica

  • Shoulder Pain

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Optimal Function and Performance

Our signature Spinal Muscle Fibre Mobilisation combines soft tissue techniques and exercises that we’ve developed and proven highly effective over 25 years. Spine First NeuroSpinology focuses on helping the entire body, not just painful areas.

Strengthen Your Spine

Helping your spine to perform optimally may help your body with aches and pains, and naturally and helps prevent reoccurrence

Avoid Painful Surgery

Many of our clients have avoided surgery, even after being told it was their only option.

Live Pain-Free

Find lasting freedom from your chronic pain with techniques that engages your muscles, bones, and brain.

Advanced Techniques to Accelerate Recovery

With Spine First NeuroSpinology, you will save yourself time, money, and pain.  We have a unique methodology that you simply won’t find at any other spinal centre. Our sole aim is to get you back to living a happy and active life as soon as possible. Walk, run, and sleep well at night without pain.